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Three gameplay videos, taken at the BlizzCon event, have surfaced on YouTube. While the harsh restrictions issued by Blizzard forbade filming at the event, a few brave individuals did manage to sneak some footage out.

The video, courtesy of ThisIsGame.com, shows Moon, a WarCraft III Pro gamer, play two games against the computer. Apparently, this is part of the single player campaign, or perhaps a mock up created specifically for BlizzCon.

First Video:

Moon plays as Protoss. These are the early stages of the game – he builds up his base and techs up while producing a few Zealots and setting up Phase Cannons. In the mean time, he sets up a few expansions to provide an increased rate of resources collection. Not much else happens in this video, except for a few small skirmishes between Zealots and Marines. However, this is the first video to actually show the StarCraft Protoss gameplay from the player’s point of view – building up a base, managing resources and workers, etc. It is very evident that the feel of the game is almost identical to StarCraft 1.

Second Video – Two Parts:

Moon plays as Terran. This video is more interesting, and features actual fights with large Terran forces, consisting of many of the units we’ve heard about only recently. Like the Protoss video, the Terran gameplay is also almost identical to that of StarCraft 1. The responses units give and the sounds for buildings and units are the same as their counterparts from the previous game. We hope that these are only placeholders, added to the game at this point of early development to provide a better experience for BlizzCon visitors.

In the second part, Moon uses his large force to walk over the Protoss base, calling down nukes in the process. After destroying the entire Protoss base, save for one Pylon, he calls down 3 nukes on his forces and completes the mission.


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