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BlizzCon was a magnificent celebration of all that is Blizzard – fanatic adventurers in World of WarCraft costumes, Korean pro-gamers, great WarCraft 3 exhibition matches… but most importantly, Blizzard has met the community’s expectations and has released a good amount of artwork, gameplay videos and screenshots.

BlizzCon Videos:
Blizzard released several new official videos

  1. The Terran Single-Player campaign preview video
  2. Terran Faction preview video – massive gameplay video, with a lot of great information
  3. Short Terran/Protoss skirmish video
  4. Two minutes of warfare – gameplay video

Here is the first video to be leaked to the net, a few hours into BlizzCon – Terran skirmish gameplay footage.

BlizzCon Image Galleries :

Click here to see Miles’s photos
Great collection of photos taken by BlizzCon visitor, highlights include:

               Karune              BlizzCon Loot !       StarCraft 2 Everywhere

Karune              BlizzCon loot                 SC computers

Click here to see IGN’s StarCraft 2 Gallery
Great gallery, but only the first page and second page’s first row are from BlizzCon.
Some highlights:

Dark Templar Wallpaper           Terran War             Campaign Briefing

dark Temple                  Terran Battle         Terran Briefing

That’s all for BlizzCon’s pretty pictures – all the real information about StarCraft 2 that’s been revealed at the event is summarized here.

Update : GameReplays.org has compiled a very nice photo gallery of their visit to BlizzCon.


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