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Carriers Are Coming Back

CarrierA lot of information is being released at BlizzCon, but the most drastic and interesting update yet is the return of the Carriers, and removal of the Tempest from StarCraft 2.

ScLegacy’s LordofAscencion got to meet with Blizzard’s developers, and was told that “Tempest didn’t feel right and that there was too much of an emotional connection with the original unit“.
And rightly so – the Carrier is a symbolic unit of the Protoss, just like Siege Tank is of the Terran.

This is the second unit to be completely removed from the game, after the predictable removal of the Soul Hunter.

Additional Protoss Updates include :

Twilight Archon has Feedback ability, and will hover (not have legs, meaning the Archon will not trigger mines).
Star Relic is now a ground unit now known as Stasis Orb.
Mothership now cloaks all ground units underneath it and appears to have weak anti-air.

Some Terran action : Leaked StarCraft 2 live gameplay video !

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