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Several interesting images were released via GameMeca’s website, including detailed images of Terran buildings and unit design, four original screenshots and a new Siege Tank concept art drawing.
After receiving much criticism for butchering the design of one of SC’s most original and beautiful units, Karune has confirmed that Blizzard are redesigning StarCraft 2’s Siege Tank, and the design will make its first appearance during the upcoming BlizzCon 2007.

This image appears to be the concept art that the new Siege Tank 3D model will be based upon.

New Siege Tank design

The following screenshot includes two very interesting elements – the top right doodad-looking building is described as

a neutral observatory Terran took control over to get rid of fog of war in area around it

(click to enlarge)
Neutral buildings and mines
If the above assumption true, Blizzard might be implementing neutral capturable observatories just like the ones used in the turn-based Heroes of Might and Magic series.
Among the probes, there also appears to be a small device resembling a mine, which were confirmed to make a comeback in StarCraft2, but it remains unclear whether this actually is a mine.
The following screenshot shows Nuke impact during a massive attack of Zerglings and Mutalisks on the Terran base. It includes two very intriguing structures- the Bar building (If I had to take a guess, this might be some sort of super supply-depot) and what appears to be a defensive Gatling gun structure. (click to enlarge) Terran Nuke Landing

Terran Units
Viking (Ground)
Viking (Air)
Terran Buildings:
Command Center
Planetary Fortress
Supply Depot
Supply Depot (Submerged)
Reactor Add-On
Sensor Dome
Radar Dome

Beautiful Thor action screenshots :
Thors attacking Thor in action


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