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Karune, Blizzard’s Official RTS Community Manager, has released a 7th batch of official answers from the Blizzard development team.

First, a short assurance to the fans that their voices are heard:

Many on the forums have asked, if their feedback is being used. From question 1, you can see they definitely have. Your voice does matter, so keep up the constructive feedback, as we are indeed reading. Be sure to follow up on the BlizzCon news August 3-4, as there will be lots of StarCraft II news!

And on to the questions:

1) Will the look of the siege tank be changed for the final version?


In response to much fan feedback, the siege tank has indeed been redesigned, with a much more powerful look to it. This visually redesigned siege tank will be shown at BlizzCon 2007.

The main complaints about the Siege Tank were about its “lego” look and the barrel of its cannon.


2) Will there be a ctrl-a key stroke to select all your units on screen?


Not at this moment, but the hot keys have not been finalized yet for StarCraft II.


3) Will we get to hear the return of some of the original melodic themes from SC1 (like the Terran themes), or will the music for StarCraft II be completely new?


There will mostly be new epic theme songs with similarities to the original faction music. Music is still definitely in the works, thus we will not rule out a reprise of one of the original songs.


4) Will the High Templar still be able to create hallucinations?


In the current version of StarCraft II, the Hallucination ability will be back, but not as a High Templar ability, but rather a Star Relic ability.


5) When will you release a StarCraft II Fan Site kit?


The Fan Site Kit will be released around BlizzCon.

Karune later gives a 6th answer in response to a question that has popped up in the thread:

The protoss structure that looks like a very tall pylon. In the gameplay video, it is when the Terran Reapers are running and before they talk about warp-in. What is that structure?


It is currently the Dark Obelisk, a building needed to build Dark Templars. Again, this is subject to change still.

Dark Obelisk

That’s it for this week’s official Q&A.


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