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New Terran units and more thorough descriptions of them have been spotted in a Korean magazine.

As usual, we have the pictures, translation and speculations based on what we now know. Click the thumbnails for the large version.



This is a flying bomber which can only attack ground units, dealing area of effect damage. Like the Wraith, it also has a cloak ability.



A reenvisioned Vulture. This is a fast, hovering vehicle, which carries dual railguns. Apparently, it can fire while moving. We’re very glad to see a unit with this feature, and hope to see more of them in the future, as we have suggested in our “changes we want to see in StarCraft 2” article.

This is why it has a rotating turret, which can likely target units not directly in front of the Cobra.


We’ve recently seen this unit in a screenshot that came out of the E3 event.





This unit is a Mech that can transform into a flier. It uses two gatling guns in Mech form, where it can only attack ground targets, and missiles in flier form which can only be used against air targets. I wonder which attack it will prefer when engaging a Colossus?

A few Vikings can be seen wrecking havoc on a Protoss base here, along with a …




The Thor is the ultimate siege unit. It has a long range, slow firing weapon. It is very slow moving, slow turning, and relatively vulnerable to attack.

Here’s what Blizzard has said regarding the Thor so far:

The Thor will not be the Terran equivalent to the Protoss Mothership. In addition, you will be able to build more than one Thor. The Thor unit will not be the type of unit you’ll want to march into the enemy base by itself.

By no means should you consider the Thor to be a ‘weak’ unit, it just has certain weaknesses that encourage players to add it as part of their arsenal, rather than as a 1 unit army.

Interestingly, the Thor is not created in any building, but built directly by SCVs. This is comparable to Supreme Commander‘s super units, which are also built using workers. In SupCom, the more workers you assign to building the super unit, the faster it is built. Will this be the case with the Thor as well?



A lot is already known about these guys. It has now been revealed that they have a mine laying ability, though details about the mine itself are sketchy. A concept art picture has also been published.




His shield will provide a flat, 15 HP health bonus. The Marine will retain his Stim Pack ability, and also has a range upgrade research.



Higher quality picture of the Ghost. It’s been confirmed that his abilities are back: Cloak, Lockdown, and call for Nuclear Strike. As well, he now has two new abilities: Snipe, which will cause “critical damage” to biological units, and another ability which can summon a few units, apparently via a drop pod, to a location he specifies. This is another suggestion we have written about in our “changes we want to see in StarCraft 2” article! Keep them coming, Blizzard!

The Sensor Dome and Radar Dome:

sdome1.jpg radardome.jpg

The Radar Dome is an upgrade to the Sensor Dome, which has already been revealed. The Radar Dome can detect enemy movement even under the fog of war.

Supply Depot:

supply.jpg supplydown.jpg

Normal and below ground version of the Depot.


Some more information that’s been gathered:

Battle Cruiser: It now has a new area of effect ability, called “Plasma Injection“.


The Command Center and its upgrade, the Planetary Fortress, can carry 5 SCVs inside of them while flying, as seen in the original gameplay video. The Planetary Fortress can apparently target and fire at a few enemies at once.

Add-on buildings are now shared by unit producing buildings – each building type (Barracks, Factory, Starport) can be linked to any Add-on. A building can only have one Add-On at a time, but they are easy to change by lifting off the building.

The Tech-Lab add-on will allow access to more advanced units, such as the Medic for the Barracks and the Tank for the Factory.

The Reactor Add-on will allow two units to be built in the same amount of time it normally takes to build one (for the cost of two).

The Siege tank will get a design overhaul. Community feedback was harsh regarding the tank, and Blizzard has taken notice.


That’s all the information available at the moment. Blizzard promised we’ll be able to see these units in action at Blizzcon, which is only 2 weeks away.



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