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New Terran units have been spotted in leaked scans from a Swedish gaming magazine, Super Play. The new units have already been confirmed by Karune on the Battle.net forums (scroll down). We have the scans and the translations:




It wouldn’t be StarCraft without them. They are the backbone of the Terran army, after all.



Planetary Fortress:


The Terran HQ can be upgraded to a Planetary Fortress. It’s a HQ with a large defensive weapon on top.







The biggest new boy is called Thor, named after the Thunder God. A guy like this can take down an enemy base on its own.



Sensor Dome:



With this building, the Terran can see enemy units on the map, even if they are moving in undiscovered territory.




We’ve already seen the Sensor Dome in a screenshot from the game (click for big):







Yeah, they’re back.








Viking Fighter:

Say hello to the Terran’s own Transformer. The Viking can transform from an air fighter to a mech. Convenient if you’re flying and you run into anti-air defenses.


Supply Depot:

supplydepot.jpg New in the Terran base is a building that can pack itself up and submerge below the surface so that your units may pass over it. It works well as a first line of defense in the early stages of the game.




Nothing new in this section. Note the new weapon of the Dark Templar:



That’s it for now. We hope to hear more about these units from Blizzard themselves soon, and see some in-game action!


Karune, Blizzard’s Official RTS Community Manager, has released a sixth batch of answers. It’s been a while since the last update, and we’re hungry for new information…

Sorry about the slight delay of Batch 6, as it has been quite hectic at E3 over the past week. Although, I hope you enjoyed the interviews that did come out of the E3 event!


I hope you enjoy this latest batch of Questions & Answers, highlighting some popular questions about Protoss and gameplay. In our next batch, we’ll be answering some popular fan questions about the Terran Siege Tank amongst several others.

On to the answers:

1) Are Photon and Phase Cannons 2 different buildings?


The Phase Cannon is the new version of the StarCraft Photon Cannon. There will not be a Photon Cannon in StarCraft II.


2) Will carriers (Tempest) produce more than one drone type?


Not at this time.


3) Fans noticed in your art video that thye Colossus ground unit was under fire from missile turrets. Is this due to the Colossus’s exceptionally high attack profile (tall stature) or a ground-to-ground attack feature/option for the turrets?


Because of the Colossus’s height, it will be susceptible to Anti Air defenses like the Terran Missile Turrets, as well as both ground and air attacks. It is possible for the Colossus to be hit by ground and air attacks at the same time.

This has already been explained in the Colossus page update. Perhaps Karune ran out of questions to answer?


4) Will there be critters units and can they attack?


There will be critters, but they wont attack. If they did they would be creeps.


5) Will holding the Alt button show unit/building hit points overhead as they did in Warcraft 3?


Yes, when holding the Alt button, all health bars of buildings and units on the screen will be displayed. This is an excellent way to quickly assess which units are healthy and which units are damaged.

Not a lot of new information this week.


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