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Two new interviews with Blizzard developers have surfaced from the E3 event.

The first is an IGN interview with Tony Asu, associate producer.


  • Tony mentions Medics! We haven’t seen or heard about this unit so far, and even speculated that it won’t be returning, now that the marines have a shield upgrade.
  • The Soul Hunter gains one “power level” for its weapon every time it kills a unit, up to 3.
  • The Phase Cannon’s energy form is confined to Pylon power range, as we had speculated.
  • The Tempest’s fighters are called “Shurikens“.


  • Currently, the first unit producing building available to a Protoss player is the Gateway, which can warp in Zealots. The second building available is a “Twilight Council”, which can produce Soul Hunters, Immortals, and Stalkers right away.
  • The story picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off. We’re going to see Raynor, Kerrigan and Zeratul again.

An interesting interview with new information!


The second is an interview with Chris Sigaty, lead producer. He’s interviewed by an Annoying Female Host, courtesy of G4.


  • Chris describes StarCraft 2 a “Chess game being played by both players at the same time”.
  • The races are designed to be even more unique and distinctive from each other.
  • Blizzard has an “easy to learn, hard to master” motto for their games.
  • The single player is going to be a “pretty significant change from what people saw before”.
  • Tychus, the Terran Marine from the original trailer, is going to be a major character in the single player story.



That’s it from E3. Not a lot of new information – Blizzard is saving that for their BlizzCon event, which will take place in 3 weeks.


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