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Dustin Browder Posts on Battle.net

dustinbrowder.gifDustin Browder, lead game designer, has posted on the Battle.net suggestions forum.


Here’s what he had to say:


This is the lead designer of StarCraft 2. I just wanted to stop in and say hello and let everybody know that the Dev Team is looking at this board as often as possible. We have our community manager, Karune who keeps us well informed about the top issues from this group of gamers. We also have a team of blizzard employees who keeps the team up to date about issues from gamers from all around the world.


I will try to post from time to time when I see things that I can comment on.


I hope to see lots of you folks at Blizzcon.=)


– Dustin Browder

It’s nice to see that the StarCraft 2 developers are continuing the long tradition of relying on user feedback and are treating it as an integral part of the development process. Blizzard’s developers are getting pitched hundreds of ideas per day; some of them must be good. 😀

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