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Blizzard has updated the StarCraft2.com site with a page about the Warp Ray. The page has a short back story, a description of the unit, new pictures and in game footage. We also notice that the design has been updated since the original gameplay video.



Builds From: Stargate
Armament: Prismatic Beam
Role: Long-range Bombardment

The Warp Ray was created by melding the technologies of the Dark Templars and Aiur Protoss. It was designed to replace the Carrier in the role of the capital ship.

A warp ray is a ship virtually built around a single gigantic power source: the prismatic core. This device seethes with energy drawn from two realms: the Void, which is truly understood only by the dark templar, and the psionic matrix, which underpins the technologies of the Aiur protoss. In combination these two energies form a self-sustaining reaction of terrifying potential.


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The Warp Ray has a special mode of attack – the longer it focuses its fire, the more damage it does. In the Blizzard page, we can see the prismatic core, the center of power, being charged with more streams – up to 3, for maximum efficiency, after a short period of focusing on a single target.

As the prismatic beam is held on the target, more of the focusing array becomes aligned, and up to three individual power streams combine together. Over a few seconds the beam’s intensity and power grow exponentially.

It will be interesting to see how the increase in damage will work. Blizzard’s description mentions “exponentially”, which means that a fully formed energy beam could inflict more damage than a squad of non-focused Warp Rays. The focused beam does indeed look a lot more threatening than the unfocused, single stream one.

For that, of course, the Warp Ray has to keep its beam on the target. Luckily for the Protoss, its attack range is quite long.


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The design for the Warp Ray has been updated slightly. In the original gameplay video, all the arms (which part when the unit starts firing) are of the same length. In the new unit page, only the arms which contribute to the attack are long – the other 3 were shortened.

Compare the two. Left – old Warp Ray. Right – new Warp Ray.



The difference is much more apparent if you watch the in game footage on the Warp Ray page.


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