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Kerrigan Calling for Raynor’s Help on Battle.net – Easter Egg

KerriganKerrigan – the magnificent Queen of Blades, is making an appearance on the front page of Battle.net these days.
Her cry for Raynor’s help takes place in a rather distant corner of the Battle.net page, and Sarah’s behavior is not very consistent – follow these 5 easy steps in order to see this Easter Egg.



1) Click here to open the Battle.net website in a new window.
2) Wait until it fully downloads, and you have no indication of additional items being loaded.
3) Scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of Battle.net’s homepage.
You should see something similar to:

battlenet bottom

4) Hover your mouse over the beams that are projected by the hologram pad, until the “title” element appears.
The title will read “Help me Jim Raynor…you’re my only hope!“.
5) Now, click once with your mouse, without moving it away – The animated image of Kerrigan crying for help appears.


Kerrigan Crying for help

*It disappears if you move the mouse away from the image.

If you do not know who Sarah Kerrigan is, you must stay tuned for our upcoming “Kerrigan’s Path” posts by Zetaras Xal’Kurat, covering this Terran Ghost’s transformation into the Zerg Queen of Blades.

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