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Karune, Blizzard’s Official RTS Community Manager, has released a fourth batch of answers.

We are proud to see that the first answer deals with the question which we submitted, regarding The Official Unofficial StarCraft 2 Blog’s exclusive find – the Yellow Minerals!


1)Are the yellow minerals shown in the trailers harvestable?


Yes, they will be a harvestable high yield resource, meaning each harvest rotation will result in greater mineral quantities than the standard blue minerals. This gives players more strategic choices when trying to evaluate where they wish to expand. Expand to the high yield but risk easier discovery? Or expand to a safer area but earn fewer resources?

This confirms our assessment, as discussed in the original post and in our forums.


On to the rest of the questions:

2)Will resource sharing be allowed between allies?


Yes, it is our plan to have this in the game, though there is still much testing and balancing revolving around this ability.


3)Will allied chat be enabled by default for pre-set teams?




4)Is the Zealot charge ability an upgrade as well?


Yes, this ability is upgraded through the Protoss War Shrine.


The Protoss War Shrine Will replace the Citadel of Adun in giving the Zealot its speed upgrade, which will now become a temporary boost instead of a constant increase. This lowers the Zealot’s overall mobility, while still allowing it to retain its upgraded, increased combat effectiveness when dealing with ranged attackers. This, too, we had speculated in the initial gameplay video analysis.


5)What types of future community updates will there be?


Starcraft2.com will be updated with regular unit and building profiles. Furthermore, there are several projects in the works planned for the Blizzards RTS Community as a whole, which we will share at a later time.


We thank Karune for promptly addressing our question, and hope the stream of updates continues.


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