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New Protoss Unit Page: The Colossus



Blizzard has updated the StarCraft2.com site with a page about the Colossus, containing the unit’s back story, a few new pictures, and awesome concept art!



Builds From: Robotics Facility
Armament: Twin Thermal Lances
Role: Heavy Support

The heavily armored hull of the Colossus carries two powerful thermal lances: one mounted on each side of its body. Complex focusing and targeting systems are used to pinpoint the continuous damage output of the thermal lances for optimal efficiency. As a target is destroyed, the lances are switched to a new target instantly so that a Colossus’ beam cuts a fiery swathe of destruction through multiple enemies with each firing cycle.

The Colossus thermal lances are awe-inspiring, indeed. Also, the ability to damage multiple enemies while switching targets, allowing the beam to sweep across the battlefield, could become an interesting micromanaging option for high level Protoss players.

The Colossus, being incredibly high, can be attacked by anti-air as well as anti-ground attacks. Even the Rocket Turret, the traditional Terran anti-air base defense building, makes an exception and attacks the Colossi with its rockets.


The Colossi are the natural back up for a group of Zealots. Their great weapon range and sweeping type of attack supplement the Zealots, who are melee attackers, and makes them a good team for ground battles. The Colossi can easily step up and reach higher terrain, where they are effectively invulnerable to melee attacks, and enjoy the higher terrain’s advantage versus ranged attackers.




In this update, Blizzard reveals that the Reaver was actually used as a mobile factory prior to the war:

Most Protoss robots are created for industrial or resource-gathering purposes. Even the much-feared Reaver is at its core a mobile manufacturing unit re-tasked to the creation of scarab drones for long-range bombardment.

Finally, here is the concept art picture, featuring the Colossus and a few peaceful Reavers:


Make sure to visit the Blizzard Colossus page to check out the short in game video.

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