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StarCraft 2 Previews

This is going to be a rough time. StarCraft 2 has been announced, and we’ve all seen the preview movie… but now what? With no new information coming out, all that’s left is fan speculation and endless previews and guesses. Here are a few interesting articles that fit this description:


“This may come as a surprise to some people, but this is StarCraft II. It’s not going to be Company of Heroes, it won’t be Age of Empires, and it certainly isn’t going to be Supreme Commander or Homeworld. Anyone expecting anything else except fundamental StarCraft gameplay is going to be sorely disappointed.”

FiringSquad’s Jakub tells it like it is, and offers a nice analysis of what makes StarCraft StarCraft.

Next up, two previews at IGN:


This preview summarizes a few panels with Blizzard developers, namely Rob Pardo, Chris Sigaty, Dustin Browder, Mike Morhaime, Paul Sams, Chris Metzen, and Jungwon Hahn. The guys answer a few burning questions about the game.


This preview deals with the new units featured on the preview video. Specifically: The Zerg Banelings, Terran Reaper, and the Protoss Colossus, Immortal, Phoenix, Stalker, Warp Ray, Phase Prism and of course, Mothership.

That’s it for now. We’re all starved for new information, but when will Blizzard deliver?


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