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Insider Interview: StarCraft 2 Marine

An interview with Nick Carpenter, Blizzard cinematic creative director, has surfaced on Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 site.

It features 3 parts: Concept, Storytelling and Technology.

Nick talks about the creative process for both the artwork and story, and elaborates on the technology required to create the amazing 3D videos Blizzard is known for.

” When you see all the intricate pieces of the armor coming together, you really get to appreciate the power and the toughness of the marine unit from a whole new perspective. But this is only the most basic unit; this is your cannon fodder, your red shirts. If the creation of a mere marine is already this cool, just imagine what it must be like when a goliath or a siege tank is assembled. Essentially, we picked this scene because we felt it was a great way to return to the StarCraft universe – open up with something small, but finish with something really big.”


Here’s hoping for a follow up Goliath cinematic!

Make sure to grab the preview cinematic movie from our video server if you haven’t seen it already.

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