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A Blizzard Account and a Global Achievement System

Blizzard will be introducing a massive cross-game Achievement System, which will be featured in all three announced Blizzard projects. If things go well, the system is also likely to be applied retroactively to existing Blizzard titles.

World of WarCraft’s lead designer, Jeff Kaplan, has told MTV Multiplayer that the Wrath of the Lich King’s Achievement System is just the first step…

…he revealed that eventually players will have a Blizzard Account that shows Achievements from other Blizzard games they’ve played, including the upcoming titles “Diablo III” and “StarCraft II.”


Eventually, our plans are for the Achievement system to become an account-based system,” he explained.

The Achievement System will undoubtedly introduce a long term, life-time spanning reward system for loyal Blizzard fans. It might even include retroactive achievements which won’t be available to newcomers, as promised by Blizzard on the Wrath of the Lich King achievements web page:

Feats of Strength will be awarded retroactively (that is, they’ll be immediately granted to your character if you qualify) since many of them will be impossible to earn in Wrath of the Lich King.

Old-School StarCraft Achievement

Blizzard intends to unify all the player’s achievements under a single Blizzard account which will contain a permanent record of achievements. Having to make an educated guess, based on the interview and the somewhat similar systems implemented on other platforms, Blizzard will probably keep record of your highest WarCraft 3 ranks, Diablo 2 levels and official StarCraft tournaments, as well as other multiplayer and single player in-game achievements.

achievements comic

You’ll have this Blizzard identity, and you’ll be able to see things like ‘Oh, this guy was great at Diablo III, but he never played Starcraft and he was mediocre in WoW.’

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26 Comments to “A Blizzard Account and a Global Achievement System”

  1. Sammy — August 6, 2008 @ 8:41 am

    Hey the first commente XD
    well this is a funny way to sc2 n_n

  2. Anonymous — August 6, 2008 @ 10:13 am

    “mediocre in WoW” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    There is no being “Good” in World of Warcraft. This game is a massive math equation where you get to press a few buttons to change things around a tiny bit.

    Yeah unmapping the entire world takes skill. Ha



  3. Anonymous — August 6, 2008 @ 10:30 am

    It might even include retroactive achievements which won’t be available to newcomers, as promised by Blizzard on the Wrath of the Lich King achievements web page:

    “Feats of Strength will be awarded retroactively (that is, they’ll be immediately granted to your character if you qualify) since many of them will be impossible to earn in Wrath of the Lich King. ”


    This doesn’t promise anything not available to newcomers, it simply says that if you’ve already accomplished an achievement on a current character, that character will be awarded for that achievement.

  4. SteelVelocity — August 6, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

    This sounds pretty cool. Irrelevant, but cool.

    I just hope Battle.net is free… Is there anything to suggest there will be monthly fees? :(

  5. redrach — August 6, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

    “Zerg rushed his ass before he could even build a barracks”
    Pff, 4-pool. Pretty nooby move. If you don’t find your opponent’s base the very first place you check, you’re screwed.

  6. Knotiban — August 7, 2008 @ 12:45 am

    My personal beleif (hope im wrong) is that there will indeed be a monthly fee for battle net. but in that same fee you´ll be able to play wow and Diablo III also using your “blizzard account”

    As for achievements if they do it like on the xbox i will get really pissed since the achievements there are really just annoying.

    Just my 2 cents

  7. Anonymous — August 7, 2008 @ 10:22 am

    I’m sorry Knotiban but that idea is insane, they’re not going to do that.

  8. Tazz — August 7, 2008 @ 4:24 pm

    that achievement for zerg rushing, is probably the most win thing ever…

  9. Anonymous — August 8, 2008 @ 12:26 am

    ctrl alt del is the biggest piece of shit webcomic ever

    the achievement thing will be interesting though..

  10. Zkythen — August 8, 2008 @ 1:14 pm

    Alright, I don’t want to start a flame party, but this is my opinion, as well as the opinion of most of my friends.

    Achievements, as seen in Xbox Live, Steam, etc, are simply a way to give players silly and time-consuming goals that have little real in-game benefits in order to addict them to the tedious in-game work = recognition cycle.
    Halo 3, for example, gives you achievements based on how far you progress through the single player campaign while logged onto Live. There is little reason for this, as baisicly every player that’s over the age of 6 will have all of these before he plays 20 games online.
    Team Fortress 2 has crazy achievements that can only be recieved with a little skill and a massive amount of luck, such as bouncing a crit rocket back at a soldier and killing him with it. However, these achievements do get you somewhere, unlocking new weapons with interesting abilities. That isn’t really applicable to an RTS though.
    Games like Battlefield 2142, with persistant character stats and unlocks, do have a reason for achievements, which give you large bonuses to your xp. Unless Blizzard plans to have some sort of persistant unlock system to go with their achievements, it is pretty much a waste of time, both for blizzard to impliment it, and for players to spend hundreds of hours trying over and over to get that one achievement to post on their blizz profile or whatever.

    Bottom line: Blizzard would be spending their time much more wisely by working on real issues such as stability, exploits, balance, and preformance.

  11. SikTh — August 8, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

    You’re deluding yourself if you think any of the readers of this blog disagree with you.

    I doubt this is going to impact their amount of time invested into balancing the game.

  12. St4lk3r — August 8, 2008 @ 6:30 pm

    Blizz… spent your time in something more useful 😉

  13. Joe — August 13, 2008 @ 5:21 pm

    Re: Achievements, I hope they are invisible unless I go looking for them.

    Re: battle.net, I agree with Anoymous that Knotiban’s idea is insane, for a few reasons.

    I don’t want to pay for the capability to play World of Warcraft if I am only going to play Starcraft.

    World of Warcraft, involving navigating a single avatar through a virtual world, is a completely different experience to Starcraft, involving occasional matchups with other players via a lobby system. Diablo 3 is different again, with what I’ll take a stab at calling voluntary multiplayer. They should have different payment systems; I would hope similar to the existing WOW=monthly charge and the others=Free.

    Subscription fees for services such as battle net would also be odd in light of other free and heavily used services such as Steam.

    Anyhoo, I think Blizzard would keep Battle.net free, as I seem to remember it being one of it’s original selling points.

  14. JMM — August 14, 2008 @ 2:53 am

    Achievements are useless.

  15. halflotus — October 1, 2008 @ 2:04 pm

    For me personally, I’m moving more toward just trying to have fun and get better at a games, primarily strategy games. The focus on recorded achievements and statistics is something I will actively distance myself from.

    I left WoW because it became an endless item/badge/achievement grind. I had a lot of fun with WoW and made some good friends, but I look forward to SC2 where the emphasis is on player creativity and skill, not your character/account ‘balance sheets’, so to speak.

    This looks like a cool system, but I’ve been gaming for over 20 years, and I can’t say I’m fond of the shift in focus away from gameplay and toward and toward ‘e-acheievements’.

    I have to run on the corporate hamster wheel all day, I don’t want to be involved in the same type of system when I’m gaming. =)

  16. Tala — November 5, 2008 @ 10:51 pm


  17. Anonymous — March 27, 2009 @ 9:17 pm

    Speaking of SC 2… Where is it? Fans of the original have been waiting almost 8 to 10 years for a true sequel and all we get are delays, promises, and smokescreens. Where is SC2? I heard it was due December 2008, and its almost April 2009…

  18. romonoeroetoko — July 8, 2009 @ 9:26 am

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