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StarCraft 2 November Discussion Topic: The New Terran Ghost

This month’s discussion will focus attention on a very specific, if not minor, aspect of the StarCraft 2 gameplay balance – the new and improved Terran Ghost unit.
After September and October’s focus on major and controversial issues, such as the monstrous Mothership and the next generation of the Battle.net system, switching to a discussion about a semi-popular tier 1.5 infantry unit surprised many.

In StarCraft 1, the Ghost’s attributes and abilities made it a non-standard unit on the battlefield. Few players can say that their strategy, against any race, actually included ghosts.

The Ghost’s StarCraft 1 stats are as follows:

Terran Ghost iconHit points : 45
Cost : 25 75


Except for cloaking, the Ghost only has two abilities: ghost-lock.gif Lockdown and NukeNuke.
Considering the fact that hitting “Print Screen” is more damaging than the Ghost’s average damage output (10 points of concussive damage coupled with a low rate of fire), deploying a ghost meant relying on its abilities – Lockdown and Nuke, both being usually misplaced tactical anomalies. Neither of the mentioned abilities serve as a standard offensive or defensive tactic for anything. The choice of using a Ghost is often caused by the Terran player’s desperation or utter domination of his opponent.
Conversely, the StarCraft 2 Ghost’s design clearly sets it as a key unit in the Terran infantry arsenal – comparable to the Protoss High-Templar in its versatility, importance and impact.

Karune has included the Ghost’s current stats and a description of its abilities in StarCraft 2:

Mineral Cost: 100 Ghost
Vespene Gas Cost: 100
Supply Cost: 2

Hit Points: 100
Max Energy: 200 (Starts with 50)
Armor: Light
Weapon Damage: 5 (+30 vs Light)
Range: 10
Weapon Speed: Normal


  • Cloak 25 Energy (initial) and 1 Energy/Second while Cloaked (Invisibility)
  • EMP 100 Energy (Depletes energy and shields of enemy units within the area of effect)
  • Snipe 25 Energy (Does 50 damage vs. Biological unit + 100 vs. Light Armor and can be used while cloaked)
  • Nuke – Utter destruction of everything but the most fortified structures in large area.
  • Drop pod – Calling down units from the sky.

The amount of abilities and the potential impact a well used Ghost can have on the battlefield reminds us of the Heroes of WarCraft III. A unit that serves as an invisible assassin with AoE spells and the ability to call down reinforcements puts the StarCraft 2 Terran Ghost on the opposite side of the tactical spectrum from its StarCraft 1 counterpart. The StarCraft 2 Ghost appears to be so versatile, that few Terran commanders will not find the unit useful.

Karune has published 4 standard questions :

Battle.net Questions for Fans:


* Do you like the new StarCraft II Ghost?
* Will the new Ghost change your strategy?
* How would you utilize the Ghost?

* Additional Feedback you would like to give?

And we would also like to ask a few questions of our own:

1) Do you find such an amount of abilities fit for a single infantry unit ?
2) How do you feel about the removal of Lockdown ?
3) EMP + Nuke effectively means total annihilation to Protoss bases – should one of these abilities be given to a different unit?
4) What do you think about splitting the Ghost abilities into two exclusive – EMP & Snipe OR Drop pods & NukesBattlecruiser style upgrades ?

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55 Comments to “StarCraft 2 November Discussion Topic: The New Terran Ghost”

  1. Starfeeder — November 9, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

    Battle.net Questions for Fans:

    * Do you like the new StarCraft II Ghost?
    Yes can’t wait to see more of him

    * Will the new Ghost change your strategy?
    Probably more early pushes with Ghosts

    * How would you utilize the Ghost?
    Having the Ghost in the back line of a forward rush, using him to snipe high priority targets or taking out workers from a safe distance.

    * Additional Feedback you would like to give?
    Concerned about Terran early game armor taking a hit, with the Viking being moved up the Tiers and the Cobra being reduced to a slowing attack unit, and the ghost having to pin-point blast zealots and stalkers…

  2. Isaac — November 9, 2007 @ 4:41 pm

    I am curious to know if there will still be a Science Vessel like unit returning in SC2. If there is, I think that unit should retain EMP. 5 abilities for one standard unit seems like one or two too many. I don’t really like the idea of splitting the ghosts’ abilities like the BC.

    I would like to know how Droppod will work. Where do the units come from? Are they already built? Does it cost minerals to use that ability, equivalent to the value of building each of the individual units? Hopefully more… are the units the same as if you’d just build them? Are they just ‘rines? Medics? Any insight would be great!

  3. Ken — November 9, 2007 @ 4:50 pm

    Battle.net Questions for Fans:

    * Do you like the new StarCraft II Ghost?

    No. Its way too powerful, I say. Imagine a ghost using EMP, then nuking consecutively… it will definitely hurt the toss to a point of gg… Not a good news for us toss fans at all…

    * Will the new Ghost change your strategy?

    it definitely will (if im playing terran). instead on MnM push, you’ll be seeing more of GnM attacks, and artillery support will be a mid-game to late game thing.

    * How would you utilize the Ghost?

    Snipe = kill templars; kill other ghosts; kill workers; kill medics; kill defilers

    Drop pods = drop behind mineral lines; use as 2nd flank; use to bypass ramp blockades; use to harass expos; use as immediate 2nd wave

    * Additional Feedback you would like to give?

    I know the ghost will be nerfed down of abilities. I have seen how the Mothership was introduced, then nerfed. I also see this happening to the Ghost. I imagine EMP (if not scrapped) to NOT become an AoE effect, but single target effect instead. I can see Drop pods can cost you a sufficient amount of resources to cast. I can see snipe to take more time in researching and casting. I trust the Blizzboys and they will make the right decision. Keep it coming guys!!! wOoT!!!

  4. Dill — November 9, 2007 @ 7:27 pm

    EMP seems like too much for a ghost to have as an ability. With the improvements to damage and hit points, and snipe, it already seems to be a very good unit vs. small units, along with drop pods and nukes. I could perhaps (maybe possibly…) see lockdown coming back, since it only effects one target at a time.

    I do like the idea of the extra damage and fighting ability vs. small units, which makes the ghost seem useful as a fighting unit as well as special abilities one.

  5. whiteknight — November 10, 2007 @ 8:01 am

    rep issac

    from recent information
    Droppod cost 8 supply and 200 gas 200 mineral(may be i wrong) to build. you must have droppod available before use this ability

    for me ?
    i think he’s too powerful

  6. jibbiajabba — November 10, 2007 @ 11:17 am

    1) Do you find such an amount of abilities fit for a single infantry unit ?
    Yes, definitely makes the ghost sound more like a WC3 hero.
    2) How do you feel about the removal of Lockdown ?
    I find it reasonable b/c no one used it.
    3) EMP + Nuke effectively means total annihilation to Protoss bases – should one of these abilities be given to a different unit?
    Yes EMP should be scrapped. For a tier 1.5 unit possessing these abilities is insane.
    4) What do you think about splitting the Ghost abilities into two exclusive – EMP & Snipe OR Drop pods & Nukes – Battlecruiser style upgrades ?
    It might work, i would make it so that players would have to choose btwn nuke or emp ability. Ghost would still have to be tweaked to cost more than it is right now.

  7. MechaBeast — November 10, 2007 @ 12:03 pm

    1.Not a fan of the current ghost… too much micro.
    2.I miss lock down all ready. Maybe combine EMP w/ lockdown. Either make EMP a single target spell and able to lockdown units and maybe pause construction of units in mechanical buildings i.e. Factory, Gateways ect. or give lockdown a small AoE in addition to the removal of mana + shields.
    3.If EMP stays as is, I think it should be given back to the sci vessel/nomad.
    4.If youre toying with the idea of splitting Ghost because there are too many abilities for one unit, I think you have just that “too many abilities”

  8. Anonymous — November 10, 2007 @ 8:46 pm

    4) What do you think about splitting the Ghost abilities into two exclusive – EMP & Snipe OR Drop pods & Nukes – Battlecruiser style upgrades ?

    That would be sweet! or for more variety maybe you can choose between the 4 abilities but is limited to only 2 per ghost. irreversible once upgraded. just an idea.

  9. Arthur Santana — November 11, 2007 @ 12:17 pm

    * Do you like the new StarCraft II Ghost?
    Sure, I love it! The snipe ability is just a perfect idea.
    * Will the new Ghost change your strategy? / How would you utilize the Ghost?
    With no doubt, it is too far in the techtree in SC1 and not that useful. In SC2, they will be a great support for packs of infantry (die, High Templars!) and will be very efficient to do some worker raids and surprise attacks with drop prods.
    1) Do you find such an amount of abilities fit for a single infantry unit ?
    I agree that EMP doesn’t fit, it’s quite analogous to snipe, but hits an AoE. The great amount of abilities just add to the unit flexibility – this way building ghosts is less “bidding”, and as I see it, it’s ok for a low tech unit, provided that it’s effectively balanced.
    2) How do you feel about the removal of Lockdown ?
    Lockdown is a favorite, I’d love to see it back, as a terran player. But, seeing the amount of robotic units the protoss have, maybe it would be too powerful (a bunch of ghosts and marines could knock down top protoss troops easily).
    3) EMP + Nuke effectively means total annihilation to Protoss bases – should one of these abilities be given to a different unit?
    EMP to Nomad!
    4) What do you think about splitting the Ghost abilities into two exclusive – EMP & Snipe OR Drop pods & Nukes – Battlecruiser style upgrades ?
    I don’t think this will solve the problem, since you’ll usually walk with more than a ghost anyway. You could just build two with different upgrades and send them together.
    * Additional Feedback you would like to give?
    The new terran units are just too cool =D. I liked the Vikings coming out of Factories, though. The flying upgrade can come later, but it is a nice thought to build basic “infantry” that can be upgraded to different mechanics.

  10. aaron — November 11, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

    1) I don’t think it’s too much, as long as there’s balance. Cloak isn’t an active ability, nukes are rarely used, and the remaining abilities will be used in different situations. However, it is a lot of abilities, and the unit would be much easier to balance were one or two removed.
    2) I don’t have a problem with losing lockdown — it is a new game, after all.
    3) I don’t think we will see nukes used all that much. However, giving such a cheap unit EMP could cause serious balance issues against protoss players. It makes shields practically useless, which means that protoss forces will be fighting at half strength. I think that EMP + siege tanks/thor might be an unstoppable combination against base defenses.
    4) I think splitting things up should be considered.

    Part of what makes the ghost so unbalanced is its ability to cloak. Unlike other dangerous caster units, it is invisible and can protect itself (unlike defilers or templar). In addition, it’s pretty cheap, costing no more vespene gas than the other casters.
    EMP needs to be nerfed somehow, perhaps by reducing its range and area of effect. The ghost is too cheap otherwise. Against protoss, you’d have a unstoppable thor/tank push, where the ghost could EMP any force that came out to challenge it. Alternatively, even something like MMs might be unstoppable with ghosts mixed in to EMP collosi and snipe/EMP zealots. Protoss base defenses would be much less formidable.
    With EMP nerfed, the ghost becomes a real precision unit. You can call down drop pods on top of base defenses or behind supply lines. You can snipe or EMP casters and stragglers.

  11. Fingolfin — November 12, 2007 @ 6:19 am

    “Max Energy: 200 (Starts with 50)”

    Does this mean that a newly created ghost starts with 50/200 energy or 50/50 and it can be upgraded to 200/200 (maybe in 3x +50 energy upgrades ?) ? I like the latter option, this means EMP cannot be used as a tier 1.5 skill (requires 100 energy) and cloak/snipe will also be less effective.

  12. Zas — November 22, 2007 @ 8:17 am

    this could be next infantry Tank! if u got around 4-5 ghosts with 3 medics and 2 firebats +2 rines itspreety nice:] Good job

  13. Dom — November 25, 2007 @ 9:10 pm

    Just remove the EMP and everything will be a-ok

  14. Innoneemi — December 31, 2007 @ 10:34 pm

    Is everything fine? Any news?

  15. Chaoswotn — February 23, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

    Wow. You can tell who is a whiney protoss player complaining about emp. every protoss unit has considarably more hit points than the terran evuivalent. marine=40 life Zelot 100 life 80 shields. So it take about 3 marines to kill 1 Zelot. Combined with the fact that all a protoss player has to do is throw down some cannons, he can hold off a massive terran attack with a few Zelots with the cannon support, and then counter with his entire force in relative safety because his cannons are not only a dector but hits ground and air forces. Oh and now they can be moved aroud the base so theirs no “yea I cleared his cannons from his frount door!” no its “look the sob just moved sum more over so I sacraficed an entire group of marimes for nouthing. Give me a break…Over powered toss

  16. anonomous 2 — February 28, 2008 @ 11:32 am

    why do you people complain about the Ghost having the EMP ability? It would sound fine if your a person who would use it.

  17. anonomous 2 — February 28, 2008 @ 11:35 am

    as Chaoswotn said, you must be a whiney Protoss player if you don’t want the Ghost to have the EMP ability. It might get used more if the Ghost has it.

  18. anonomous 2 — February 28, 2008 @ 11:42 am

    hey Zas, what if your force ran into an even bigger force of protoss units than your your group of ghosts, meds, firebats and ‘rines?

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  20. BobDole — August 9, 2008 @ 3:40 pm

    What with people saying that toss is overpowered…Starcraft is a BALANCED game meaning no race is stronger than any other, if your getting owned by toss it just means your an idiot who doesn’t know how to counter

    Now for the points :
    1- I think having 5 abilities for unit (especially a tier 1.5 unit) is ridicules, in starcraft 4 should be the max any unit should get, after that its too much micro for the one unit.
    2- The removal of lockdown is disappointing but in the end makes sense, it was rarely used and when used it was on a small scale
    3- Yes, emp and nuke should not be combined, and emp should be givin to a higher Tier unit (most likely to nomad)
    4-Splitting the abilities is well…useless really, get 2 ghost and your problem is solved

    As for the blizzard questions
    1- As of right now i care too much about the new ghost, its alright but needs to be balanced still, so i don’t think it should be judge as of right now
    2- If the new ghost were to stay as it is, then yea it would change my strategy, all i would need to do is make about 10 ghost, fill up the drop pod with men (i think its an attachment to the commander center that you just place men in and then they appear in the pod drop), cloak the ghost, surround the enemy base,EMP them (if toss), nukem, then send in the drop pods to kill whatever survives.
    3-Errr..yea this answer is really in the second answer
    4-Not much other feedback really, it seems though that blizzard felt the ghost was really underused and are trying to make them very appealing to players now

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