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StarCraft 2 Official Monthly Discussion Topic – The Mothership

67869.jpegBlizzard has always excelled in gathering community feedback, and having the largest and most loyal fan base in gaming industry effectively provides Blizzard with an endless pool of ideas, comments, art, and basically, pre-release QA.

So, after the nerfing and probably the reaching of some sort of unit role crisis, Karune has initiated an official month-long discussion around one of the most controversial units to ever be put in a progamer-oriented RTS game: the Mothership. The Mothership and its abilities have been deemed problematic from the start, as Blizzard’s intial gameplay video displayed a hyper-powerful unit that:

  • Blocks projectiles (Time Bomb)
  • Annihilates entire fleets (Black Hole)
  • Eradicates ground units with AoE attack (Planet Cracker)

– a unit which has little place on the usually delicately balanced battlefield of competitive RTS gaming.

Karune is doing the right thing when he’s turning to the community in order to provide Blizzard with advice regarding their own creation. He asks the following questions:

Discussion Topic: The Protoss Mothership

Battle.net Questions for Fans:

  • Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?
  • What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out))
  • Additional Feedback you would like to give

Our readers are encouraged to provide their own answers to Karune’s questions, as the monthly discussion also includes Fan Site community input, and we have already contacted Karune with a request to provide SC2 Blog with an additional batch of questions we can give feedback to.
Here is an example of an excellent and detailed response by AmeriPize.

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69 Comments to “StarCraft 2 Official Monthly Discussion Topic – The Mothership”

  1. Bunny — September 6, 2007 @ 1:47 pm

    Like Mr.Anderson said – It has no place in a real RTS game.

    It is a great unit in a RPG/RTS or some flash strategy game, but not in a professionally played, super-balanced battlefield.

    1) Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?
    No unit should be restricted – because if it is, it means it is special, and there is no place for special units in a macro-orinented RTS battlefield.

    2 )What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out))

    Wonderful and original ideas … If they belong to spellcasters that can be shot down with ease, or act as support units. Not a flying armored monstrosity.

    3) Stick to the professional RTS forumal. Don’t make Dune2000 mistakes.

  2. McPace — September 6, 2007 @ 3:52 pm

    Cloaking the units under it!? That’s so lame. We all know then the attack gets focused on the cloaker, so that mothership better have a butt load of shields. I liked the black hole much better. I’m guessing they dropped the unit limit and replaced the black hole with the cloaking, otherwise motherships would be too powerful. Bunny I think it’s adds a huge strategy change to the game to have one super unit, given there is a build limit, and a proper tech build up to that unit. Who cares if you never see that unit in tourni play. Everyone else can build to it to end an stalemate.

  3. Simonsays — September 6, 2007 @ 5:26 pm

    1) this unit should most certainly be only 1 per person, it’s powerful enough as it is

    Now that the black hole is gone, and how i am hearing that the air-to-air attack has been nerfed it appears that the mothership is no longer the master of both battlefields of this game, ground and sky. if this is the protoss super unit, would it not be logical to deduce that the terran super unit is the Thor? but why does it not have air-to-ground capabilities then? super-unit for super-unit? the cloak seems like a good idea, the moment this weapon is seen on the battlefield, units will be swarming to it, bcuz if i knew i saw a mothership headed toward my base, i’d send a large chunk of my forces to deal with it, seeing as how the planet cracker looks like it could tear up a base in one fell swoop. but with the cloak? after i would send my units to deal with it they all uncloak and i see 3 colossi, 10 or so dark templar, a handful of archons and a grip of zealots? recipe for death it seems to me, along with the mothership to back them up, the cloak it seems may be a bit overpowered, but seeing as this unit is a work in progress, i can say that it still needs some adjustments

  4. Simonsays — September 6, 2007 @ 5:27 pm

    1) this unit should most certainly be only 1 per person, it’s powerful enough as it is

    Now that the black hole is gone, and how i am hearing that the air-to-air attack has been nerfed it appears that the mothership is no longer the master of both battlefields of this game, ground and sky. if this is the protoss super unit, would it not be logical to deduce that the terran super unit is the Thor? but why does it not have air-to-ground capabilities then? super-unit for super-unit? the cloak seems like a good idea, the moment this weapon is seen on the battlefield, units will be swarming to it, bcuz if i knew i saw a mothership headed toward my base, i’d send a large chunk of my forces to deal with it, seeing as how the planet cracker looks like it could tear up a base in one fell swoop. but with the cloak? after i would send my units to deal with it they all uncloak and i see 3 colossi, 10 or so dark templar, a handful of archons and a grip of zealots? recipe for death it seems to me, along with the mothership to back them up, the cloak it seems may be a bit overpowered, but seeing as this unit is a work in progress, i can say that it still needs some adjustments.

  5. Battlarmd — September 6, 2007 @ 7:17 pm

    Protoss should have the mothership.

    it fits the protoss moto of ‘few and expensive units’
    and seeing how terrans has a very well round army, the mothership will be how protoss can deal with them mid-game to late-game.

    Cloaking might be too much. I think the cloaking of units should belong to another unit, another flier I suppose. but the mothership is a very cool NEW idea for SC2 for protoss, and it also expands on the philosophy of the protoss.

    Would it be too strong?

    I don’t think so. Everything can be balanced. Perhaps have the blackhole ability changed to something else, like.. a gravity field that suck fliers to it for a while but not destroy them. But seriously though, if the black hole spell takes a while to start up, then people who ‘cannot’ dodge it are those with poor micro, and they SHOULD lose the battle, the mothership might be too newbie friendly, if that is the case, but any Vet players will know how to surround the slow moving mothership and just EMP and yamato it twice. there’s one ONE of it, so I hardly see an issue.

  6. Battlarmd — September 6, 2007 @ 7:37 pm

    And I will add that if the Mothership doesn’t have Air Attack.. that’s just really silly. It’s a mothership for SPACE travel.. that cannot hit air units… heh.

    I sure hope Blizz works this one right.

  7. Ken — September 6, 2007 @ 9:19 pm

    I have only seen the power of the original mothership, I haven’t played it. So here are my comments:

    1) Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?

    If it will have the 3 abilities, TimeBomb, Pcracker and Black hole, then it has to be unique. If it only gets Time bomb and the cloak ability then it may be reproduced en masse. Because if it has the 3 abilities, it will become the main protoss capital ship, carriers will become its support.

    2)What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out)

    I think if it will be a unique unit, it should keep the original 3 abilities. If it will be a support unit, I will be satisfied with Time Bomb and Cloaking.

    3) Additional feedback:

    You gave it the name mothership. Therefore you should give it the role of a mothership. and here are the following roles, in case you wanna know(from Wikipedia):

    1)in-flight construction of new, smaller ships (YOU ALREADY GAVE THIS TO THE CARRIER)

    2) supply and repair tender (NOT TOO IMPORTANT)


    3) carrier (of fighters, shuttles, etc.) (CARRIER, DUH!)

    4) supplementary propulsion (i.e., multi-ship warp field, hyperdrive, etc.) (PHaSE PRISM)

    5) weapon of mass destruction (THIS HAS TO EXIST!!! BLACK HOLE OR PLANET CRACKER)

    Thank you for hearing our comments.

  8. Charles — September 6, 2007 @ 11:39 pm

    Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?

    I am both for this and against it. The unique unit ability is a nice concept to set the Protoss apart from the other races. However, it needs to be balanced carefully in order for it to be effective. Too powerful a unit and the game might be reduced to a tech-tree race (or in a Protoss vs Protoss scenario, a question of who gets to cast Black Whole first). Too weak and the one-unit limit is not justified.

    Design-wise, it would be the simplest to make it a non-unique unit. Weaker than its unique form but ultimately easier to balance since playtesters can think of its effectiveness when more than one unit is sent to the battlefield and can think of counters to it (in the same way that the Thor is weak against mobile units). Balancing a unique is more difficult because playtesters have to ask how big of an impact the loss of that unit (or its presence) has in the game, much like Heroes in WC3 singlehandedly won or lost games (but are no means “required” to win the game).

    What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out)

    Before we ascertain whether these abilities are balanced or not, we must first make a decision whether the Mothership is unique or not. Some abilities might be balanced if the unit is unique while others not.

    Black Hole: This is perhaps the most controversial ability. The biggest problem I have with this in either scenario is that it mimics an already existing ability: psionic storm. Psionic storm damages units in a given area and Black Hole is a glorified ability that is limited to flying units (I presume). Instead of damaging units, it destroys them over a short period of time, which makes it a game-breaker. If we nerf it to make it deal damage, then it would be okay but that would displace psionic storm in terms of its niche. The other problem is that if it retains its “destroy all” ability, the game boils down to a question of who uses it first or who has enough energy to use it at the crucial time (in the case of a mothership vs mothership fight).

    Time Bomb: Time Bomb for me is okay. Balancing this “invulnerability” is more tweakable, everything from increasing/decreasing the duration to letting some attacks through (perhaps concussive damage penetrates the shield, etc.) to increasing/decreasing the radius. If the Mothership is non-unique, the ability is more prone to abuse (attacking with a swarm of “invincible” units) and in certain ways might resemble the Steam Tank rush of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.

    Planet Cracker: While in many ways similar to a ground psionic storm, the mobility aspect (you have to travel there) makes it different enough for me. I think my biggest issue is that why is this ability coming in only now. It seems like the Planet Cracker ability is useful against units in the lower tech tree or ground units in general but the Mothership unit overall has little to compensate against the higher tech-tree units (such as a battleship), especially if the Mothership is going to be a unique unit. Overall it’s an relatively okay ability depending on what other abilities the unit acquires.

    Cloak: The first thing I have to ask is how is the cloak implemented. Ground units only? Only when the Mothership is stationary? Or does it behave like the old Arbiter? It’s an ability that can be improved upon but if its use is merely to cloak units, then the Mothership seems it’s designed to tank more than anything else (something the Arbiter couldn’t do well).

    Other Possibilities:

    Pylon Field: Perhaps it’s prone to abuse if it’s a non-unique unit but as a unique unit, perhaps the Mothership can have a Pylon field radius around it much in the same way a Phase Prism can act as a Pylon. Thus it also promotes the Protoss’s Warp In ability and giving a reason why the Mothership is indeed called a Mothership (a mobile HQ of sorts without deposing the Nexus).

    “Energy Field”: The Mothership can easily have an “aura ability” that boosts the strength of nearby units. This can be up to you, whether it’s increased shield regeneration rate, a temporary armor boost, damage boost, attack speed boost, etc.

    Reverse Warp: Since the Protoss have a “warp” theme (and why we have a Black Hole ability), maybe instead of destroying units in the Black Hole, we can transport them instead to another visible location, sort of the reverse of what the Arbiter used to do (can’t target allied/personal units).

    Time Warp: Perhaps instead of slowing down bullets, the Mothership can instead move fast for a short period of time. (Best if it’s implemented as a unique unit.) Everything else moves in slow-motion and the Mothership suddenly becomes more maneuverable and can attack at a more rapid rate.

  9. pravinutankar — September 6, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

    For me the mothership sucks….But then who cares it is tightly balanced(now that Black Hole is gone) i will enjoy the terrains and love crack those sheild masters(protoss) hahhaaa…

  10. Nils — September 7, 2007 @ 2:23 am

    The Unit-Description of the Mothership is now online at Blizzard.com. It seems to be that you can build more than just one…

  11. Mercutio — September 7, 2007 @ 2:30 am

    The Mothership is an interesting concept that Blizzard ultimately might not be able to pull off given the severe constraints they’re working under for SC2.

    My personal thoughts on the matter is that, given that we’re sans Arbiter these days, it would make sense to make this thing rather like a super-Arbiter. Give it the Cloak to bring a bigass fleet with itself, the Time Bomb to defend itself and said fleet, moderately powerful air and ground attacks, and a nice thick shield (if it’s unique, said Shield should be thick enough to absorb several Yamato blasts, a direct hit by a Nuke, or a fairly decently sized pack of Scourge, assuming we have Scourge still) and turn it loose.

    The Black Hole in my opinion simply won’t make it into the game in the form we saw. Something that instantly destroys all aerial units within an AOE, given the fact that unless you are King of Micro your fleets have a tendency to bunch up, is simply too powerful and has the potential to end entire games with the click of one button when you annihilate five thousand minerals worth of Battlecruisers/Carriers and their escorts. Now, what MIGHT make sense in this area, if we propose to make it a super-Arbiter, is to make the Black Hole like the old Stasis Field; it locks everything down completely immobile for a time, but you can’t damage anything so effected. Sort of like an offensive Time Bomb.

  12. Ged — September 7, 2007 @ 6:04 am

    Honestly, the mothership seem a pretty cool unit, but I think it would be better left as a single-player campaign thing where balance doesn’t matter.

  13. NoFreddy — September 7, 2007 @ 7:19 am

    The mothership is a wonderful unit, but it simply has no place in a real RTS.

  14. Pravin.Peter.Utankar — September 7, 2007 @ 11:13 am

    I was not excited so much by the Mothership….The name time bomb sucks….Anyway thks the black hole is gone now as a terrain lover i can smash protos more easily.

  15. great player — September 8, 2007 @ 12:11 am

    I reckon that they should change the cloak ability into a anti air spell. Because the mothership now can’t attack air units it is too easy to destroy the mothership. Also the air force of protoss is weakened so much, although there are still some air force that could attack air units. However, the phenix has weak hp and die easily, the warp ray can only attack one unit each time and the carrier is not going to be that strong, since mothership now can’t attack air. The protoss is too easily to be countered

  16. zoo — September 9, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

    am i the only one who thinks that the mothership would be incredibly rigged if they didnt nerf it. i mean comon like the 1st mothership really was an instant win unit. what was there to stop it? all those marines died instantly, the time bomb virtually made it untouchable. and when u send tons of bcs at it, just use the black hole and ur safe. it had no weakness WTF?? i thought starcraft was supposed to be a balanced game i dont like a super unit that kills everything, then wuts the point of using any other unit or race for that matter.

    but after they nerfed it it was better. now ppl are complaining that the no air attack and no black hole makes it weak, no it just gives it a weakness to large capital ships. every unit has a weakness. when they 1st introduced the mothership in the 1st video i was like are u serious? why would u use any other race? this game will no longer be a game of war, but a game of lets see who can make a mothership 1st.

  17. Igor — September 10, 2007 @ 11:18 am

    Well, that’s all about micro-balance guys.

    I think the mothership could have a general role of disrupting the enemey army. For example:

    The planet cracker should do damage just enough to force u’r opponent to move the units out o’ it. It could be a problem if ur opponent has gone for “lots of small ones”, and add a little difference for players with good micro-management to escape.

    The Black Hole could have a similar role. I didn’t see anyone suggesting it but i think it should be a Splash-DoT ability. Perhaps just enough damage to force you retreating ur air fleet, and doing +dmg to large, slow, capital ships.

    So I think that would be the way it should be balanced. You pay big a lot of cash/tech tree to have the option of:
    A) doing heavy dmg in an army if u’r opponent is a lame, and/or
    B) forcing ur opponent “out of the way” for ur troops

    Cloack field = shit

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  27. jesse — January 22, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

    The mother ship should keep black hole, planet cracker and, time bomb should slow ALL (but mother ship) attacks by about
    75 %, but it should be weak to massed small air by giving it’s air attack a minimum range or giving and giving all the teams a melee air unit so that it needs support againts melee air units, it should remain an unique unit, and it should have a hyper drive wich teleports it and any neerby ships some were you have been before but take a long time to cool down and a few seconds to cast.

  28. jesse — January 22, 2008 @ 9:19 pm

    i meant and when i said or melee air unit

  29. jesse — January 23, 2008 @ 5:08 pm

    or it should be able to build itercepters instead of a air attack, or allow it to land similar to a Terran command center and when it lands it can hit air and ground with it’s attack, train probes, zealots, immortals, and templars, and collect resoucess.

  30. Jake Hoshgothen — April 11, 2008 @ 12:49 am

    Quite honestly, I love the idea of the cloaking field, as it fits wonderfully with my new concept of having cannons fly randomly around the map. Now they can do that AND be cloaked. I don’t care what anyone says about the cloak field, It’s damn useful if you use it properly, just like anything else in the game. Personally, I plan to have flying cannonades following the Mothership around, which should more than take care of any lone Battle Cruiser that thinks it’s going to have easy pickings. I can see it now… “What the HELL?!?!? What the… Thats plasma fire isn’t it?! Where the BLOODY HELL IS THAT SHIT COMING FROM!!!!????” Such wonderful potential. I’ll have my favorite quotes section on Facebook filled in no time with things like this. And that’s just what I plan on doing with it. You can cloak whole opperations for goodness sake. Which makes it really fun when expanding into new bases. Fly a ‘Ship over, plant a cannonade, and then pop in a Probe to build me a Nexus and we’re off to the races. And no one has the slightest clue as to what you’re doing, especially if you take care to place the Mothership in a relatively ‘inconspicuous’ location, like at the side of a base, or such.

    I’m not a big fan of time bomb, given it’s limited range, and relative (for me) ineffectiveness. Consider this. A mothership approaches a turret, and has to deal with it. A lone Zealot will do the job much better, without the need to use valuable energy from the mother ship. If you’re doing a raid, I most certainly would see a use in it, allowing you to concentrate your attack on a more pressing issue, such as an approaching Battle Cruiser. Once again, everything has it’s use, but I think Time Bomb will end up going the way of most Zerg spells, (Ignored and underused) which will effectively make the mothership less powerful as a unit overall, seeing what happened with Defilers.

    Planet Cracker is something that needs desperate attention. NOW. If I’m allowed to have this ability as it is now, I’ll be able to basically run a grid of destruction over my opponent with MULTIPLE Motherships. Just think about it. You quietly surround your opponent, and then, when you judge the time to be right, send an attack force in. THEN call in the 8 or so Motherships and tell them to Planet Crack all the way from the edges to the centre of the base, where they can then wreck havoc. Not nice. And your opponent is left wondering what the hell just happened to his latest expansion plan. “It was fine a minute ago.” Never sounded so funny. Recharge, Reload and Retarget. Hit Exectute and watch the sheer chaos. Or, consider this. It’s the ultimate base defence. Keep the Motherships hidden in the back of the base, and then attack with them as the opponent bears down, and take out EVERYTHING at once, with minimal problems. Yeah. There is no way in hell I should be allowed to use Planet Cracker as it is now.

    And so we arrive at Black Hole. What a glorious mess this could have ended up. DEATH to any player not the master of micro. Especially n00Billy, who builds a whole ton of Battle Cruisers, and then sends them all out at once in a tightly formed cluster, to try and finish of the game in grand style. Very nasty, and given the raid potential of something like this, (Intercept enemy attack force, and then move one to destroy his now completely open base in one fell swoop. You think the video was bad? You have NO IDEA what one sided problems this thing could have caused. Entire fleets of ships taken care of in a single spell, without even the slightest flinch. Very scary, very bad, and very, very broken. The ‘Ship now has complete and total control over whatever it wants, because of the ability to sit as an interceptor, and just pick off fleets as they come. That’s not even considering the amazing attack potential this has.
    Another use would be to have one sitting in your base, and then deal with a Carrier raid without having to worry about all those pesky interceptors. Just target the Carriers, and very creative cuss words start flying your way. (Once again, Quote Wall potential for Facebook.)

    This brings me to the question related to singularity. I don’t care wether they nerfed the thing or not, having a fleet of these things flying at you WILL inspire great and fantasic looks and reactions of horror. As they are now, you STILL can’t deal with them, especially if they travel in fleets. (A truely scary concept on it’s own. Seriously. How does this phrase strike you: Fleet of Motherships. Do you have any idea how wrong and overpowered that sounds?) I say, for sanity’s sake, that you really can have only one, and in that instance, I like the idea of having a super-unit. Heck, Terran has some damn powerful stuff now, and we havn’t even seen half the new Zerg units, officially. Letting me have more than one will be wrong and so very fun on so many levels. I will devote HOURS to leaning how to best manage them, and this will affect other areas of my life! I would love to be able to have this unit in multiples, but as a fair player, I don’t see how it’s possible, unless you nerf it further, and take away the whole aspect of it being a Mothership.

    I rest my case.

  31. Mr Dude — June 11, 2008 @ 8:29 pm

    The mother ship would be good as a unique unit.
    1) cloak field=out. unfair.
    2) planet cracker=slower movement letting faster guys out of the way. costs 100 power to turn on and if you run out of power then it is taken from the shield untill the shield runs out or you shut it down.
    3) black hole=out. unfair.
    4) time bomb=out. unfair.
    5) air and ground attack but not too devestating for both (five attacks for BCs).
    6) shield+health=four yamatos for shield+two for health.

  32. Wond — August 29, 2008 @ 12:16 am

    So about the black hole… i got some ideas.. the black should appear when the ship is destroyed..and plz blizz make this ship imune 2 ground and vulnerable 2 other ships…dont nerf it find a way… and give it a weaknes if other players think it is 2 powerfull…i hope this comment will attract your interes and attention

  33. OppovepAy — October 18, 2008 @ 10:11 am

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  34. JP — October 31, 2008 @ 7:31 pm

    I do think the idea of a unique unit is a good idea – it supports the traditional Protoss values of few but strong units. If the Mothership was a mere support unit then it should not have so much health, shield, power, abilities, and even the name Mothership – its purpose is destroyed once it becomes possible to build more than one.

    Having said that, I think the Mothership should retain the original abilites (Black hole, Planet Cracker, Time Bomb). Time Bomb isn’t some ultimate weapon – its effectiveness does rely on the players, and I am positive micro-savvy players can avoid and escape the effects of the Time Bomb. Its usefulness is on par with other abilities’.

    Cloaking, I don’t think anyone will like this one. The greatest advantage of having Arbiters in your ranks was its Recall ability, not its cloaking field. A simple detector renders the Mothership useless.

    Planet Cracker WOULD be too unfair, but since it leaves the Mothership defenseless (in terms of having a shield), I think there’s a fair trade-off between offense and defense. Besides, the Mothership moves at a pace where it’s possible for units to easily just run away. Things like Stalkers would simply vanish and attack from a distance. It’s only useful in a base attack where targets would be stationary.

    I think a lot of people think the Black Hole is too powerful – I agree. But this is what DEFINES the Mothership, and the most important reason the Mothership should be a unique unit. Without this power, Mothership just becomes a flying version of a Science Vessel, except it has a lot more health. All its other abilities can be avoided. And what’s the point of having a lot of health/shield if it can’t do anything definitive? It just becomes pointless to even make one. Also, just because it can pull a Black Hole ONCE in a while doesn’t mean it’s some trump card. You can kill a Mothership if you just stop being a n00b.

    Basically, keep the Black Hole ability please, and make it a unique unit.

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    I think the Mothership should keep it’s unique status with Zerg having only one Huge Queen and Thor having similar abilities to help counter it. Each race having a super unit would help keep the fun in SC2 and by balancing the Thor and Huge Queen abilities and damage to reflect a balanced system. So far Thor is the only unit that needs to be fixed to help counter the other two… give the Thor anti-air and anti-ground abilities as well as an EMP ability to help defend against protoss with a faster ground speed or the ability to keep moving even when it’s taken major damage… Having a super unit like the Thor become stationary after taking too much damage is just stupid since no other race has this problem with any of their units. With this issue from the Thor and Vikings having the issue of taking a few seconds to switch between ground to air combat forms the terrans are going to have problems holding down ffa matches in SC2. The Mothership should really just keep ‘time bomb’ and ‘planet cracker’ the ‘black hole’ ability is very jaw dropping but probably won’t make it to the end game due to it’s overpowered ability to lay waste to entire fleets… I think the ‘black hole’ ability could be balanced if it lasted fewwer seconds and had a longer cast time… that way it could be effectively countered. As for he cloaking ability I’d have to say it’s not as impressive as the other three original abilities Blizzard promised when they unveiled SC2. Indeed I am a protoss fan but I do like to play as terran and zerg from time to time. I think that phase cannons should still be able to be moved anywhere that there is a power grid… that the mothership should be able to produce a power grid… and that all new units should appear undert the Mothership… but if you do this also give terran the ability to maintain a defensive line without allowing protoss to overrun them everytime…

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  40. Storm Sentry — June 19, 2009 @ 1:49 am

    1- Do you think the Protoss Mothership should be a unique unit (1 per player maximum) or should you be able to build more than one? Why?

    Yes I think that this stuff helps the Protoss to be more unique. It is also the most powerful unit, (if it still has 8 rays to attack) so it should have some limitations, and this is good I think. So maximum 1. Good so!

    2- “What do you think about the Mothership’s abilities? (Time Bomb, Cloaking Field, Planet Cracker, Black Hole (currently out))”

    Black Hole is absolutely TOO powerful, in my opinion. I am not a high-level player, but I have always used the Protoss since the first Starcraft (and this is what i’m gonna do forever :D), so I know a little bit of all units. And if you introduce such an ability, it would be very difficult to stop the protoss, although the terrans have new prowerful units.

    Planet Cracker is a good ability: it makes great damage and wipes out enemy structures&units but it exposes the mothership to enemy fire entirely so i think that it is a good balance. Maybe a little fewer damage. But it should take a HIGH amount of MP (180-200 imho), with a duration of 20 seconds, i think

    Time Stop….yeah, i like it, but again…imho TOO POWERFUL. i prefer the old Stasis Field, it’s much mooooore balanced, and it allows the other races a chance to kill the mothership

    Cloaking Field….I WANT IT!!!!! :D:D:D (yes, i liked my Arbiters so much) I think that a Mothership should cloak OR units OR buildings, BUT NOT both. As new, I should add a Mothership a special ability which allow to change between the 2 (with MP cost, obviously……say 150? dunno if the limit is 200+50)

    3-“Additional Feedback you would like to give”
    First Off Editor: i like the new landscapes, the new doodads. Very good!
    Limit of 200 units should be higher…300 at least. If i play a 4 player battle with my Protoss, i need at least 50-60 units to attack, against a well-defended-terran base.Add probes, nothing remains for defense. Same limits for all races. (i heard zerg 400 terrans 350 protoss 200. this is bull*hit!!!), I like how Terrans were adapted in Starcraft 2 (i love the reapers!!!!) I think the Zerg have few new units, but i don’t know them so much. And for the Protoss….well….we suffer so much the loss of units such as Arbiters, Scouts, Dragoons, Dark Archon (dunno which type of templars we don’t have anymore). For example, should be fine if stalkers have also air-to-ground attack, balanced with a shield/life reduction. i miss my scouts, but i think they won’t come back. doesn’t really matter

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    What is there to say. $60 per game times three parts for a whopping $180 dollars. No game is worth that. I remember when games like Total Annihilation (Better than Starcraft 1) by Cavedog came out with nice games that had open editors and you could create tons of arm and core dudes. Here is Starcraft 2, lame as hell, limited in thought, no lan allowed, expensive, map editor is supposed to take a genius to use, and a possibility of being required to use Battlenet to even play it. Gamers mad need to be on Battlenet to even get certain features of the game that will not come with the stand alone product. Bite me.

    I will never buy any games from Blizzard or their new ally Activision. I will pirate your games and figure ways around your stupid system. You will learn that GREED is not the key to gaming. Driving out your competition until your the only one left is why we are left with crap. Take Microsoft for example.

    World save your money, do not preorder, and send these clowns at Blizzard and Activision a clear message. Follow the days of old school games like Total Annihilation that treated games with respect, and boycott Blizzard.


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